Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Lipsticks and Glosses "shelf life"

Lipsticks and glosses have a shelf life of six to twelve months. Depending on the quality of your lipstick, it can last longer, as long as you keep it covered and away from hot temperatures. How long you should keep lip makeup also depends on the type of storage and applicator system used. Regular lipstick tubes (with direct application) usually hold for about a year or more, whereas lipstick or gloss tubes with built in lip sponges or brushes last at least three to six months. When your lipstick is no good, most often it will run and sometimes stain your lips. Since most women share lipsticks and glosses, the infection rate for lip sores and chapping is much higher. While using a lipstick brush may reduce transmission of infections as opposed to your finger or direct application, there’s still a high risk factor. Make sure you avoid sharing lipsticks and gloss, don’t use your finger to apply and frequently replace lip brushes to cut down your chances of transmitting makeup bacteria and infections. Makeup gives us as women, a feeling of glamour and accentuated beauty. Women should not only be concerned with how good they look, but about makeup safety and how long to keep makeup. Using old expired makeup can end up having the opposite effect you intended in the first place.

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