Thursday, October 11, 2012

Let me define ‘stretching relaxers’.

This is when you extend the period between two relaxer sessions. You go longer than you normally would in between getting relaxers. So what are the benefits of stretching relaxers? Stretching relaxers can thicken your hair. Hair tends to become thinner over time if you are overlapping relaxers on your hair. Overlapping relaxers happens when you relax previously relaxed hair. By stretching your relaxer, your new growth becomes more prominent and therefore easier to see when applying the relaxer crème. To stretch relaxers successfully it is important to keep the new growth soft by making sure it is adequately moisturised. This will make the new growth easier to handle. It is also important to moisturise the ‘line of demarcation’ on the hair. The line of demarcation is where, on a strand of hair, the new growth meets previously relaxed hair. This is a weak spot on the hair shaft and prone to breakage. If you have relaxed hair and notice shorter hair sticking out from your hair, it is likely that the hair has broken along the line of demarcation. To prevent this ensure that the hair is adequately moisturised and also ensure you do regular protein treatments to strengthen the hair. Stretching is not for everyone! Some women find that, in spite of their best efforts, their hair begins to break excessively after a certain number of weeks. You should not stretch relaxers just for the sake of stretching! Only do it if it will result in benefits for the hair. Source:

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