Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Foundations expiration date

Keeping makeup beyond the expiration date can cause a number of skin conditions. This is especially true with expired foundations. The best way to tell is by looking for the expiration date, which can be found by a small symbol on the bottle or box displayed as 2m, 6m, 10m or 12m. This stands for the shelf life after opening. For instance, 2m means the makeup is good for 2 months after opening. Ever notice how liquid makeup tends to separate, leaving the darker compound on the bottom and an oily clear compound on top? This is a sign that your foundation has expired and is breaking down. Simply shaking the foundation bottle to recombine its contents cannot repair the fact that the foundation is too old. Toss it. Think about it this way. Even if shaking the bottle will recombine the foundation after separating, the fact that it separated in the first place should tell you that it will most certainly separate on your face. Expired foundation is infamous for leaving an oily film on your face when it separates. This separation also makes the foundation run or rub off easily. This oily residue produced by the separation can also contribute to acne and other skin irritations by clogging pores and over time causing blackheads, especially if you don’t wash the oily residue off every day. Properly cleaning and moisturizing your skin regularly is a no-brainer, your skin doesn't need the extra irritation that the use of expired makeup will cause.

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